What is animal behaviour?


The desire to understand the animal world had made ethology a rapidly growing field, and since the turn of the 21st century, many prior understandings related to diverse fields such as animal communication, personal symbolic name use, animal emotions, animal culture and learning, and even sexual conduct, long thought to be well understood, have been revolutionized. 

Animal behaviour relates to what an animal does and why it does it.  The types of behaviours exhibited are rich and various.  Some are genetically determined, or instinctive, while others are learned behaviours.

Most “new age”  Animal behaviourist’s do not oblige in cruel and outdated methods such as alpha rolling,  wolf pack theory, dominance, ignoring your animal or choker chain training. These techniques may result in a quick fix and lead to temporary behavioural suppressions, but can’t and will not cure the behaviour problem. 

Thankfully, due to the new research and a better understanding of our beloved animals’ wellbeing, in an emotional and physical state, behaviour modification and training methods are far more accommodative and positive.

Our individual training and behaviour sessions are geared towards solving more complex behavioural concerns that can’t be addressed in group training. When you schedule a behaviour session with us, prior to our initial consultation, we will require from you to complete an intense behaviour profile form. This profile will enable us to understand your concerns better and help us to effectively compile a character profile on your pet. During the initial consultation we will explore every aspect to determine the source of the undesirable behaviour and discuss the behaviour modification plan. We will prepare a training program specific for you and your dog and assist you to overcome your concerns.

Behaviour modification often take time, patience and optimal client compliance and we will work closely with you and your dog to ensure progress.    

Common behaviour problems that we work with include:

  • Aggression towards strangers, visitors, children or people of a different culture

  • Aggression or reactiveness towards other dogs

  • Barking

  • Destructiveness such as chewing and digging

  • House Training

  • Hyperactivity

  • Ignoring the owner

  • Jumping up

  • Lack of obedience training

  • Noise phobias, such as the fear of thunder & lightening, fire crackers etc.

  • Pain or discomfort related aggression

  • Pulling on the leash

  • Separation anxiety

  • “Untrainable” dogs

It is important for people to know that help is available.  The longer behaviour problems persist, the more difficult it is to address such a problem

New dog owners are therefore encouraged to enroll in a good puppy socialization course, where appropriate training methods are being used. Please feel free to look at Paws-itive Paws-abilities Puppies with Purpose courses…

Clicker training is a positive reinforcement system based on operant conditioning, a set of scientific principles describing the development of behaviour in which the animal “operates” on the environment, instead of the other way around.  Operant conditioning goes to the root of how animals learn in the natural world; therefore the principles can be applied in any circumstance.  The possibilities for dog training are tremendous.  Clicker trainer are developing a new way to use this new technology with Police dogs, Service and guide dogs, Puppies, Competition Obedience and Agility,  in Hunting, Field trials and tracking, Show dogs and also just to have a good mannered companion at home.

At Paws-itive Paws-abilities we coalesce our qualifications as an Animal Behavourist’s, Dog Trainers and Puppy School Instructors, Clicker Trainer and Tellington TTouch Practitioner to offer our clients a more comprehensive service.  We deal with all the common behaviour problems that people may encounter and assist dog owners to direct their dog’s energy in a positive direction.  We offer regular puppy socialization and adult dog training classes.  We also offer individual sessions, either at the owners’ house or at our Centre of Excellence.