TTouch - the Tellington TTouch - is a specialized approach to the care and training of our animal companions.

Tellington TTouch - is a method based on circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body. The intent of the TTouch is to activate the function of the cells and awaken cellular intelligence - a little like "turning on the electric lights of the body."

The TTouch is done on the entire body, and each circular TTouch is complete within itself. Therefore it is not necessary to understand anatomy to be successful in speeding up the healing of injuries or ailments, or changing undesirable habits or behaviour.

The Tellington TTouch is a specialized approach to the care and training of our animal companions. Developed by internationally recognized animal expert, Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon), this method based on cooperation and respect offers a positive approach to training, can improve performance and health and presents solutions to common behavioural and physical problems. It also helps establish a deeper rapport between humans and animals through increased understanding and more effective communication.

Using a combination of specific touches, lifts, and movement exercises, TTouch helps to release tension and increase body awareness. This allows the animal to be handled without provoking typical fear responses. The animal can then more easily learn new and more appropriate behaviours. By using the TTouch and a variety of other tools, like the Confidence Course, you can assist the animal in experiencing self-confidence in previously frightening situations. Even the most difficult problems are often eliminated. You can also learn how to apply the Tellington TTouch to assist with recovery from illness or injury, or just enhance the quality of your animal's life.

The Tellington TTouch can help in cases of:

  • Excessive Barking & Chewing

  • Leash Pulling

  • Jumping Up

  • Aggressive Behavior

  • Extreme Fear & Shyness

  • Resistance to Grooming

  • Excitability & Nervousness

  • Car Sickness

  • Problems Associated With Aging

This gentle method is currently being used by all the Staff and Trainers at Paws-itive Paws-abilities. Heather qualified as a Tellington TTouch Practitioner in 2010 and ever since then incorporate it in every modality that the practice offers.


Other related services that we offer at our Centre of Excellence includes, but is not limited to:

  • Puppy Socialization Classes

  • Clicker Training

  • Behaviour Consultations

  • Training for Deaf Dogs

  • Puppy Day Care

  • Veterinary Physiotherapy

  • Day Care and Boarding for Rehabilitation Patients

For more information on this amazing way to interact with you beloved pet, please visit or contact us for more information.